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 Asociatia Romania Muncitoare 
Sad news from Romania

A big fire took place Friday evening (30th October) around midnight in the "Colectiv" club, here in Bucharest, leaving 29 dead and about 146 badly burned. It happened in the middle of a party, right when a rock band was singing.

The Romanian Capital city is in deep shock. The Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, who was on a state visit in Mexico City, has shortened his trip and is due to return today.

Nearly 600 people donated blood on Saturday morning at the many transfusion centers in Bucharest, to help the 146 people admitted in the city's hospitals after the fire.

For its part, Romania's Government declared on Saturday a three-day national mourning and the whole nation is filled with pain.

The members of the Worker's Romania Association (ARM) express their sympathy to the victim's families and and pray for the perished souls. May they rest in peace!


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